Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finding The New "Normal"

Our summer was fantastic. We live so close to the ocean, and have a private beach on the base just 10 minutes away (and that takes so long thanks to the low speed limits and checkpoint). The kids have been turning golden brown and Andy's hair is blonder than ever. If only I could keep him from eating the sand.  

They have enjoyed their new freedom perhaps a little too much. One day, in a mere five minutes of unsupervised time (both parents thought the other one was outside with them) Jack managed to locate the craft supplies box (yet unpacked at that time) and paint his brother and half the front porch blue. And no, he hasn't seen Braveheart. These kids keep me on my toes.

Here's a mini house tour. I'm figuring out how to use the space, it has taken a little while but I think I'm catching on at last. I have grandiose plans to paint the kitchen table and chairs. I hope I will finally get around to that. I have plans for a lot of that clutter to disappear soon. Tomorrow I set up a pantry. Yep, I finally gave up my hopes of having a proper hall closet. Sigh. It would have been nice.

I figured I wouldn't clean up for you. There are no pinterest-worthy corners in my home. (Are you on pinterest? )We're working on selling our two desktop computers so that we can get a laptop. I can't wait to banish that ugly folding table to the garage, and bring it out only for festive banqueting purposes.

This is my favorite room. It's the spare room, and the only one I can 1) keep tidy 2) put as many pink flowery things as I want in it, and 3) display lovely little breakable things below arm-pit level. Now that Husband is back at work, I'm preparing to start our first real year of homeschool. These kids are itching for something to work their little brains and keep their hands out of mischief.

 Til next time folks!


  1. Jack's tan is amazing. He looks so happy and healthy in that photo!

    1. I know, both boys are golden brown all over, except for their little white bottoms. I love bathtime. lol

  2. That picture of Blue Andy--it's amazing! If you need any help with furniture arranging, I'd be happy to help :) Glad you're doing well!

  3. liked to read your writing and loved to see Jack and Andy enjoying the summer on the beach...they are both shining....I hope you do as well from harma x


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