Monday, April 2, 2012

Gratituesday: Duplicates

What is Gratituesday? Gratituesday was started by Laura at Heavenly Homemakers as an opportunity to express your thankfulness to God for anything and everything.

I am so blessed that I don't just have what I need, I often have two or three of what I need.

Today, I was running around like a crazy woman trying to get errands and chores done early so that I could go to the visitation for a dear church member who passed away. I was putting the baby in his seat this evening, thinking about how thankful I was for Husband's desire to stay home to do homework at watch Jack (who is ill), when my neighbor pulled up. 

My neighbor is a single mom of two children, a toddler and  a newborn. She lives on the third floor. She came home from work, looking tired but cheerful. I then watched her pull her baby out of his seat, and then her sleeping toddler, and carry them both inside and up the stairs. And she did it so quickly I couldn't get there to help in time. I was impressed. I thought: that woman needs a sling. I know her financial situation is limited. She does not appear to have any local family to help her out either. All the things John and I do as a team, she is doing alone. Wow.

Andy, 3 months old, sleeping in a sling. Mama's best friend.

I climbed into my seat and did my usual pre-flight checklist. Diapers? Keys? Wallet? Phone? Oops, no phone. So I ran upstairs to grab it. And I realized, I am really blessed. I have so much. Too much. Look at it all piled up. On complete impulse I grabbed my back-up sling (freshly washed and barely used) and a card from my mail supplies basket before running back down to the car. 

I scrawled a quick note and left the sling and card in her car. Tonight I checked, and the sling was still there, so I printed a quick babywearing how-to guide and added it to the gift.

I am thankful for all the abundance in my life. I am far from rich, but I have more than enough of everything, including family and friends. Thank you God for blessing me with enough to share.

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  1. Such a sweet thought! I cannot imagine not having help, and yet, I know that when it is required, we rise to the challenge.

    1. So true. Grace sufficient for each day, eh?

  2. Hi Holly! I 've chosen your blog to receive the Liebster award! Thanks so much for all the good reads! My post with all the awarded blogs can be found here.

    1. Thank you so much! I'm honored! I'll work on my post and get it up this week.


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