Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lacto-Fermented Guacamole

That is one of my "new" old Pyrex bowls
Last week I found avocados for $0.59/each at Aldi. We love avocado around here, and finding them for half what I normally pay was nice. (Okay, so I don't actually buy avocados when they are $1.20/each. I have a budget. Champagne, caviar and avocados do not normally fit into that budget.) Since they were still nice and firm I bought 6. We ate two of them sliced with Spanish rice, burgers, and straight up. I made the rest into guacamole, which we snarfed up most happily, and I even managed to get a second batch into the freezer before it was gobbled up. 

I also found out that you can make your guac lacto-fermented, so that it is probiotic! This is great news for all those who are feeding picky people who need probiotics. I did not notice a difference in favor at all, except to note that it was even tastier because it had time to allow the flavors of garlic, cilantro, tomato and onion mingle with the avocado.

Lacto-Fermented Guacamole
I adapted this recipe from the GNOWFGLINS blog 

2 avocados, quartered
3 cloves garlic, pressed
1/4 tsp salt
1/4-1/2 an onion, diced (I used 1/2)
1/4c diced tomato (I used canned tomatoes that I drained well, since tomatoes in February taste like soggy styrofoam)
1 handful cilantro, diced
1/2 a lime, juiced
2 tsp whey, saurkraut juice, or water kefir

You take all of that, throw it in a bowl, mash it to the desired consistency, cover and allow it to sit on my counter for 6-7 hours. I used saurkraut juice and didn't taste it at all, however, next time I will use water kefir, as husband likes the juice with his kraut. I covered my bowl with a plate (no plastic for the garbage dump!) and let it sit. 

As you can see, it did oxidize but the lemon juice prevented some of that. I simply stirred the browned portion in and on one would have guessed. Below you can see I spooned it onto my burger and it has a nice bright color.

Then Monday I saw the commissary had hoards of those delicious green gems, stacked in mountains and on "Manager's Special" for $0.60/each. So I went a little crazy and bought a huge bag of them. I checked them today and they're soft, so I'm going to slice, toss with lime juice, and freeze. I've read that they brown quickly after they are thawed, but since I know the brown color is merely unappetizing and not harmful, I'm not worried. They will taste perfect guac-ified and shoveled in a burrito.

You just know he loves guacamole

I'm sharing this post via the Simple Lives Thursday Blog Hop hosted by GNOWFGLINS - there are a ton of great ideas and recipes being shared there. Last week I learned a better way to season cast iron, this week I leaned the best natural mold killers. Go check it out!

Oh, on an unrelated note, look at Jack's camera smile . He has inherited my "cereal killer" face. How many times has husband laughed at me for my weird plastic smiles. My dentist keeps a photo on file (they are very modern...) and my hygienist took the first photo and said, "let's do that again, and try to look less, um, uhh, --- crazy." This made me laugh and she actually got a decent photo.

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