Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Little Friendly Favor

It's been a busy season here at the Nerdy home. The kids have been growing, we've been finding new friends, settling in to a new routine, and even starting new business ventures! As I was writing our Christmas letter yesterday I remembered how much I liked writing, and was lamenting to Nerdy husband that I didn't have a proper outlet for my writing. Apparently we both had forgotten about this humble little blog. So you can imagine how surprised I was when one of our new friends reminded me of my blog (how on earth did she know? I need to ask!) and asked me to do a review of her websites.

As payment for that welcome reminder, I'm more than happy to share her sites and tell you about them. The first is Collegiate Ribbon -  where you can find grosgrain ribbon emblazoned with your favorite collegiate and NFL team's colors and mascots. They also have totes, napkins and tablecloths for the die-hard fan. The ribbons looks like high quality stuff, ideal for crafters. I'm going to have to get my brains working on that one, I'm sure I can find a use for it that might bring in a little green at a craft show (one of the new business ventures I mentioned).

Her second site is - and at first I thought these were going to be like the decorative plates that my grandmother had up on her walls. (Ok, I have some too...don't ask me why but I really do love how old fashioned they are.) Imagine my surprise when I realized that they were real, every day dishes! Not just plates but bowls, mugs, even teapots (love!) and salt and pepper shakes (double love!). I think if my kids were older they would probably get a big kick out of a mixed set of the dishes, where we could all learn the verses together and probably even make it into a game of guessing who got what plate. Not to mention, mom could send some not-so-subtle reminders to the troublemakers, like "Love one another!" I John 3:23 or "Be still, I am God!" Psalm 46:10. Maybe in another season of life, when my kids are less clumsy and I'm less attached to my thrift shop china section (well, maybe not that second one) I could see us using some of these. Until then, I'll just enjoy the window shopping. 

I hope you friends are not too annoyed with this post, I know, it isn't what I normally do. But as a thank you for bearing with me (for the non-nerdy, please note that it is not 'bare with me' - that would imply communal nakedness) I am going to extend this promise: I will try, very very soon, to get a nice cozy update posted for you. With tons of photos. 

Until then, dear friends, goodnight.


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    1. Thanks! It's obvious that this baby has finished off most of the brain cells. I feel for any future children, they're going to get a raw deal.


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