Monday, April 16, 2012

Gratituesday: A Gentle, Patient Man

What is Gratituesday? Gratituesday was started by Laura at Heavenly Homemakers as an opportunity to publicly express your thankfulness to God.

Some husbands help fold the laundry, wash dishes, pick up toys, vacuum or cook. Some sainted men might do all of the above, and more. My husband doesn't do those things. Doing those things isn't even on his radar. And that is okay with me. Because I have a husband who plays. He doesn't play video games, he doesn't play sports. He plays with his kids. Even though his schedule is full of work and school, he makes time in every day for Jack and Andy.

If he has been gone all day and the kids haven't seen him, often a sleepy little head will poke around the corner at 11pm. Husband is always happy to see Jack, and happy to snuggle for a moment before settling him back in bed. 

Every day that he is able, Husband takes the boys outside to play. If the weather is bad or they need a change of scenery, they go to the mall and Husband patiently waits while Jack plays in the kids area. Sometimes they are gone for hours.
He does not hold back from discipline either, and Jack responds well to Husband's stern voice and slightly different approach to things. He treats the children like people, with gentleness and respect, and holds them to high standards.

I am thankful for all the small (and huge) ways he chooses to stay tuned in to his family, to be present and active every day.
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  1. Love this. While its great to have a husband who helps around the house, it is much more important that he takes the time to enjoy his kids.


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