Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gratituesday: A New Phone

What is Gratituesday? Gratituesday was started by Laura at Heavenly Homemakers as an opportunity to publicly express your thankfulness to God.
Yesterday my new cellphone came! I am so thankful to have a working phone again. I had been limping along with a busted screen for six weeks. I would search the contacts list by memory, and dialing was like Russian Roulette - who was going to answer? My sister or my long-neglected, talkative, overly enthusiastic Pampered Chef rep?
This time I bought a very simple phone. Husband was laughing til the tears came, because one of the pre-programmed shortcut buttons was for a "Pill Reminder". Yes. I am very thankful for my octogenarian-friendly phone. Not only does it work well, it was a great price (ebay!), has good reviews, and it will definitely be a great joke worth a few laughs with some of my technophile friends and family. 
And if your granny is in the market for a phone, tell her to consider the Pantech Breeze III.

PS - due to my own mistake, I lost all my contact info. So if you know me and have my number please send me yours!

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