Monday, May 14, 2012

Are 'Sposie Diapers Really Easier?

You want to put WHAT?! on my bottom?

My goal is to have all the things we are moving packed and ready by Friday evening. I want to enjoy our second-to-last weekend here in the area without worrying about the movers coming on Monday. I am looking forward to a ladies-only afternoon on Saturday, as a friend has invited me and two other friends to take a fermentation class together! I'm really excited about the class, mostly because I'll be be able to have adult conversation without the constant distractions and interruptions of a dozen or more kids running around. (Ok so there would only be 7 but it feels like dozens.)  Sunday, following Sunday School, our church is hosting a potluck in our honor - very special, yet very sad day. We've been attending this church since Husband and I began dating 6 years ago.
Both my boys in cloth diapers - right before Jack mastered the potty
 In an attempt to compromise in order to maintain my sanity, I purchased paper plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, and diapers. We've been using paper towels for napkins, since on a normal day it takes me months to use one roll and I have a case of them in the store room. Mostly, we keep forgetting to use the disposable dishes and napkins, but they are there for later in the week. I might have to tape over the cabinets to keep us out of them.
8 days old - first cloth diaper. A fitted diaper that I sewed.

I did start using the paper diapers and wow. I have not used these things in a year (since Andy was 8 days old) and I completely forgot how horrible they are. They leak, they get torn up, he rips at them and pulls them off so I have to put pants or a buttoned-crotch romper on, and don't get me started on poop-up-the-back!!  And yes, I got the right size, but I bought a cheap store brand. I miss being able to stuff an extra insert into the diaper when we are going out (I had to do TWO on-the-road diaper changes today...grrr!). True, I haven't had to wash diapers, but I've had to wash poopy clothes for the first time in a looong time.

Cloth diapers make a cushy landing spot for my crazy antics.

But how about physical effects? Andy has NEVER HAD DIAPER RASH. Ever. But now, after only 5 days, his bottom is red. And - no lie - today he bruised his bottom. He's used to falling and catching himself on that big, cushy, adorable cloth diaper butt. (Husband nickname for him? 'Stuntman') There is no padding in a paper diaper. So now I'm wondering if I can splurge on Chlorine-free diapers. Because it's more convenient...or is it? If I didn't have to deal with washing diapers in my mom's machine (where she uses all sorts of things like fabric softener that will funk up my dipes) for 10 days, my baby would be back in cloth tonight. If his rash doesn't clear up in the next day...I might just have to figure it out anyway.

Sigh. I love my cloth diapers. They have saved me so much moolah! 


  1. Poop up the back! Geez! I HATE disposables and I have no idea how people think they are cleaner! Seriously, of all the great reasons to use cloth, not having to change the baby's clothes AND mine multiple times a day is the best.

    1. I disagree, not having to spend money every day on something that my kid is going to poop in and then throw it away...that's the best reason to me. But the lack of poo-splosions is high on the list!


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