Friday, May 18, 2012

Chaos! Mayhem! Panic! (and thrift store show and tell)

Chaos! Mayhem! Panic! That was me, yesterday at 5:05pm. At 4:59pm I received a call from the moving company, to confirm that the movers would be arriving Friday (as in, today)! Incredulously I asked the woman if there was some mistake. She put me on hold for a moment and then said she would sort it out and call me back. Two hours later I hadn't heard from anyone, I couldn't reach anyone except the lady who came out to do the estimate, and she couldn't reach anyone in the office either! Meanwhile, I'd been preparing for the worst-case scenario, and we didn't even stop to feed the poor children until 9pm. Poor kiddies, that's an hour after their normal bedtime. Husband, the ole softie, treated them to happy meals and fetched me the most delicious gyro. Finally the kids went to bed at 10:30pm (Jack was super excited to pack his clothes up and fill his backpack with his favorite toys). Husband checked his email at that point, and discovered that the coordinator had emailed him instead of calling me. They switched the packing date to the 21st, they'll be here between 8am and 10am. 

While mama was busy cleaning out the pantry I found a bag of marshmallows and helped myself!

Sigh. I am so tired today! But we got pretty much everything done, hooray! Now we just have to live out the weekend in a house that is turned upside down and inside out. :/ Jack woke up bright and early, dressed himself to the shoes and put his backpack on, before coming into our room to bounce up and down crowing "wake up!" and "let's go!". Poor kid. I promised him a special treat today. I think we'll go to the store and pick out duffel bags for him and Andy, I forgot that I don't have anything like that for them, and I ended up tossing all their things in a garbage bag (labeled "NOT GARBAGE!!!!").

So. All my work that I had planned to do today is done. That is the bright side.

Note the bag of cereal in the background. SHOCKING! I guess I have to turn in my WAPF membership card now, huh?

Before I spend 5 hours running around in a blind panic last night, I had a delightful day. I felt productive and useful and I even went to say goodbye to my favorite thrift shop and found some treasures. It was 30%off Thursday, and I saved $10.80!

Pyrex Cinderella bowl in Pink Gooseberry (a little damaged, but worth $2.10 to me), a  Stanley thermos w/ stainless steel inside in PERFECT condition ($14!) and one of the mushroom crocks that my sister collects ($3.50).

I also found a gorgeous green and white button-front blouse ($1.40) that is going to go beautifully with the white tiered skirt I plan on making with the sheets ($4.90) I found. There is enough material to easily make two maxi-length, fully lined skirts. I think I even have a little eyelet lace in the fabric stash. Now if only we were already moved and settled in! My fingers are itching to get at the sewing machine again.

I'm toying with the idea of selling a few odds and ends (an "upcycled" skirt perhaps?) via etsy or maybe a little shop right here on my blog. Thoughts? If I were to sell some things, what would you be interested in buying?

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