Friday, March 23, 2012

The Best-Laid Plans Are No Match for Life

This week I decided to establish three new habits, with the hope that some self-discipline would bring some order to our daily routine. I have a routine, but what I don't have is a pleasing rhythm. I do not know if that makes sense to anyone else, but I have a certain bare-bones list of musts that I follow routinely. But rhythm, to me, is more thoughtful and deliberate. I want my day to reflect a certain thoughtfulness and purpose.

Homemade cultured raw butter in vintage Pyrex refrigerator dishes

I tried this week to do the following: make the beds (and teach Jack to do the same), follow my laundry schedule, and start my Motivated Moms chore charts again.

I tried. I really did. Monday went well, as usual. I like Mondays, I always feel productive and energetic, and I'm eager to begin the week. Tuesday also went well. My laundry schedule is just what I have been needing, and it felt good to get the laundry folded and put away. Wednesday started bright and early for me, when Andy decided to wake up at 1am (about 20 minutes after Husband and I settled into bed), and he didn't go back to sleep til 3:30. Then both of the boys had me up at 7:30am. I was pretty useless that day and I had quite a lot of coffee. But the bed still got made! Thursday again, 1:30am, baby wakes. This time I'd had an hours sleep which actually made things worse. I finally got him back to bed at 4am. I had a doctor's appointment in the morning, errands to run and I visited my dad who is leaving for business for several months. Today I had more sleep with no early morning chaos. But I am still quite exhausted and behind in the house. I did laundry today but completely forgot about making the bed. 

Sausage gravy on biscuits (homemade). Mmm Mmm!

Overall I would count this week a success, even though I did not make my goals.  Even though I did not do anything perfectly, I did enough. Even though I was exhausted and dragging, I kept the house from falling completely apart. No one is out of underwear. The baby has diapers. We did run out of dishes but I remedied that today. Also, I finally bought a printer cartridge and my chore charts are printed and ready to use next week. 

And I am going to get a nap tomorrow AND Sunday if I have to duct tape my family to the highway outside to get the peace and quiet.

Sorry about that. I get a bit grumpy when I'm completely sleep deprived.

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