Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Seasonal Discomforts and Good Kitchens Gone Bad

I have fallen behind with my blogging, thanks to the beginning of allergy season here. The baby is sick for the first time, and he's 10 months old! Because of the mild winter, the allergy season in the DC area is supposed to be especially bad. Hooray.

I've been very sleep deprived, since Andy has been having a tough time at night. Today I am feeling better, so I'm going to try to tackle all the things I have let go (so, everything). Just look at that kitchen. Tsk tsk. I did clean it up right after taking that photo but yikes. The rest of my house sort of looks like that. But not with dishes.

Last night I came across a great blog, This Lovely Place I read many of her posts and felt inspired. I have also been reading up a little on Waldorf principles and introducing them to our home. I just purchased the Seasons of Joy Spring ebook. I am hoping that this book will help inspire me this spring, to get me doing more interesting and creative things with the boys. I could use the help right now.

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