Friday, March 30, 2012

Comfort Foods For Busy Days

My newly organized home pharmacy

This week I have been making some great progress in the house. I have organized a few troublesome areas, I think the one I am most pleased with is my medicine cabinet. I finally made the investment in a few organizational tools to help me get control over all the tiny homeopathic tubes and endless boxes. I decided to sort them into groups by illness, for Husband's sake. I always worry that I'm going to die and he will have no idea where to find anything. So I try to label and date everything that goes into the freezer or pantry and all of the cleaners. Is that morbid? Does anyone else think that way? 

I enjoyed falling into a rhythm of homemaking this week, and I began to reap the benefits today. Wednesday I often have plans with friends on that day, either with the church playgroup that I help organize, or with a few like-minded friends. To save gasoline I often combine these outings with other errands like the milk co-op, library, thrift shops, or the ethnic grocery. Between all that my Wednesdays are busy and I do not get much done except laundry, dinner and the bedtime routine. 

An apron I'm sewing for the swap on Down To Earth

Thursdays are typically very tame, and I like to make up for the previous day's busy-ness (and resulting messes) with a nice routine day. Unfortunately today Andy had one of those fevers that children get, and most of my day was spend holding him and providing him with his favorite comfort food - mama's milk. He was too uncomfortable to sleep anywhere but my arms (and papa's when he came home), but his fever did peak this evening and he perked up enough to enjoy a bedtime bath. A little Belladonna (dissolved in water in a sippy cup) helped him slip into a comfortable sleep. I have more of the remedy ready if he should need it tonight. By day's end I was pleased to notice that although the house was messy, thanks to the few routine things I had started to do, it was not as bad as it could have been.

Both of them sleeping so mama can have a shower and make supper

After a day of baby holding and little else, I felt like I too needed some comfort food. I made a childhood favorite of mine, homemade macaroni and cheese (leftover from lunch) with breaded and fried chicken livers (we call them chicken nuggets around here) and steamed broccoli. Of course I did not photograph because by the time it was done Andy was awake and wailing for me again. Let me assure you that there was nothing OFFAL about that meal. (snicker) 
I have been struggling with anemia for a couple of years now and since we have been trying to eat up all that chicken in our freezer, I have been craving liver like a mad woman. Did your family eat any offal when you were growing up? Do you eat it now?


  1. When we finish our addition project I will have a nice big cabinet for linens and medicine, can't wait! I'm hoping to organize it like that, my category of illness.
    I have not been able to bring myself to fix/eat liver or other parts of the animal. I should since I struggle with anemia but.... I have had the liver, heart from our pig in the freezer for several years, couldn't eat it but didn't want to throw it away!

    1. Nice! I'm in the process of cleaning up and de-junking, and I hope to move my medicine cabinet to the linen closet. I'm tired of using my precious kitchen space for that stuff. I just don't know if I can make it fit...getting rid of all our old paraben- and chemical-laden bath and beauty supplies made a huge dent in my linen closet.

  2. What's in your emotional upset box? Long Island mixers? :)

    1. Lol! Fancy drinks are for vacations. There is always the freezer vodka for emergencies. Medicinal use only you know. (wink wink) Now where did I put the cranberry juice...?

      Actually I do have a couple of remedies in there, like Sepia (mood swings, especially those pesky hormonal ones), Rescue Remedy (anxiety and temper tantrums) and Silicea (from the bottle: "Fatigue and Irritability due to overwork"). That last one sounded fitting in the shop and I've never used it. Probably because the symptoms are so subtle they just sneak up on ya. I can say that the other two remedies are fantastic and highly recommended.


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