Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A New Home

I don't have any pictures on the subject to share, so I thought I would post a few from the picnic we had the other day.

Say "cheese" - this is his camera face
There are some big changes coming down the road for the Nerdy family. Husband has been reassigned, and we are preparing to move this summer! Though we did not get the assignment we wanted, we are happy to leave the DC area. And the best part is that we will still be in the state of Virginia, close to our families and support networks. Oh, did I mention we will be living about 20 minutes away (by bicycle) from the beach?!

Mama needs a tan!

We have agreed to lease a house, a real, honest-to-goodness, single family home in a quiet neighborhood near Husband's new duty station. It is quite small, only about 200sq feet larger than our apartment. However, there is a single-car garage that we plan to make a playroom for the boys, and the amount of outdoor space doubles our overall living space. There is no HOA, so I am looking forward to buying The Best Umbrella Clothesline for the fenced-in backyard. And the front flower beds are sunny but empty! Can you say tomatoes? Oh man. I am geeking out about tomato plants and clotheslines and bicycles. 

This toy is most intriguing mama!

The neighborhood is so quiet. Not a volunteer fire station, major highway, or train station in sight. (Yes, right now we live near one of each of those. The fire station is just one block up and one block over.) We are working out the details now, but we are trying to move June 1st. The sooner the better, to my mind. So we will be eating down the freezer for the next few months. The logistics of moving 80lbs of frozen chicken are just too much for me. By the time we get down there we'll be growing pinfeathers!

If anyone has any information on where I can get grassfed beef and raw dairy in the Virginia Beach area, please email me. nerdymomma at gmail dot com

No-spill bubble bucket - worth the price


  1. clothes line dried clothes are the best!

    Also, we need to hang out before you move!

    1. Yes, yes we do. I miss you! The baby is big enough for me to leave him for a few hours and I could really use some some Audrey time. :)

  2. Oh man!! I need to go thru my fiesta so that I can get some to you!! Also that flannel!! I have been doggedly moving it from one storage area to the other for a year now!!

    1. YES! I want to come visit (can I bring the kiddies?)soon. Just to hang out. We can talk about PW and Fiesta and my new obsession, vintage pyrex. ahhh. I have got to stop going to the thrift stores because the pyrex is killing me. So. I would dearly like to visit with all of you, especially you and Audrey. What days work? Gah. I should call you.


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