Saturday, February 25, 2012

Superman Meatloaf (GF, CF)

This is another family favorite recipe that gives me that Clark Kent feeling. The hidden veggies (and liver!) make me smile knowingly. Promise me that none of you will reveal the secret! Jack loves the flavor, as does the rest of the family.

This recipe uses leftover veggies, which is always nice to get those odds and ends out of the fridge. When I'm really feeling skimpy with the beef I can stretch it with lentils.Even though the ingredients list is long, the prep goes very quickly with a food processor.

I didn't have tomato paste so I subbed sauce. Not as tasty, but acceptable.
Superman Meatloaf (GF, CF)  -  Makes 2
Optional: replace 1 pound ground beef with 1/2 c lentils (brown or green) soaked or sprouted and cooked til tender. This will change the texture and flavor slightly, but try cooking your lentils in beef stock to maximize flavor and nutrition.

1 can (approx 6 oz) tomato paste (I know, BPA cans. I'm doing the best I can on a budget!)
2 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1 Tbsp rapadura (to taste)
A splash of Worcestershire  sauce (opt)
A healthy dollop of mustard (approx 1 Tbsp)

2 pounds ground beef (or 1 pound and 1/2 c sprouted/soaked and cooked lentils)
2-8 oz grated liver (depending upon what your family can handle)
1/2 c bread crumbs or 4 Tbsp coconut flour
2 tsp salt
3/4 tsp black pepper OR 1/2 tsp cayenne (yum!)
2 eggs
1 onion
2 stalks celery
~1 c veg, (can be anything from leftover cooked broccoli, cabbage, peas, zucchini, greens, green beans, carrots (can be raw) etc. Too much orange squash can alter the taste, be warned. Check your fridge. In a pinch, right before grocery day, I've used sauerkraut, just squeeze most of the juice out.)
4 cloves garlic, pressed (we like garlic!)

Preheat oven to 350. Grease two loaf pans. Mix the first 5 ingredients together and set aside. Grind all the veggies in the food processor. I try to make mine very fine, in order to avoid  detection. Mix vegetables with remaining ingredients. Shape into loaves, top with reserved sauce, and bake for 45min-1hour.

I ran out of time for potatoes, but I still felt good about this meal. This is Jack's portion, hence the ketchup.

This is comfort food for me, and my favorite way to serve it is with mashed potatoes and applesauce. If you can hide the second meatloaf from your hungry family, it freezes really well.

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  1. I hide veges and liver in my meatloaf too! Great minds think alike. ;)

    1. Don't you feel clever when you do it?! It always makes me a bit smug when I see my three year old snarfing it up. hahahaha!


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