Tuesday, February 14, 2012

How Romantic

I really love Valentine's Day. Something about the gaudy hearts, pink and red and sparkles and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate make my very unsentimental heart go pitterpat. My husband is not much for romantic gestures, though he has a knack for choosing the best cards. It was a big thing for him to actually plan a nice dinner out last night. We had a good time despite the discovery that our second favorite sushi restaurant is out of business, and we had to bring the baby along since I'm still his primary life support. 

Last night we had a mediocre meal at a local Indian restaurant, accompanied by great conversation, baby giggles (he enjoyed my lamb biryani more than I did). Afterward we had coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts. The hot sign was on and I was powerless in the glow of "The eye of Sauron" as Husband called it. 

Today I had wanted to add some Valentine's flair to our day, with heart shaped pancakes and sandwiches, but I was too tired (sugar crash perhaps?). Oh well. This year Jack is not really old enough to care. And I'll make it up to him by fixing some of the snacks and treats from my Valentine's gift, The Healthy Snacks To Go ebook from Kitchen Stewardship

I'm looking forward to trying some of the homemade larabar recipes and the roasted chickpeas. In fact I just sprouted and cooked one and a half pounds of garbanzo beans, and I only need one and a half cups for the Chocolate Chickpea Cake of which we are so fond. The powerbar and granola bar recipes will take a huge burden off my grocery budget. Isn't that romantic?

My house is trashed. How romantic, eh?

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? What is your idea of romance?

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