Thursday, February 16, 2012

A day in my kitchen

You know that big pile of bones that I started cooking last night? It made a nice rich bone stock in 12 hands-free hours. Late this morning I strained and filtered the stock and put 2 quarts in the fridge. The third quart I used to make chicken and rice for lunch.

Jack is feeling much better now. No fever now, nor any other ill effects. I'm hopeful that he'll be well enough to go to church on Sunday without worry about making anyone else ill.

Worried about all that fat? He's a little infographic thatI came across today: Carbs are killing you The bottom line? From the Massive Health website:
  • Eating fat doesn’t actually make us fat.  It’s the insulin cycle, triggered by eating carbohydrates. 
  • The easily-digestible carbs like refined flour, soda, and potatoes are the worst offenders.
  • For weight-loss, a low-carb diet is a lot more effective than a low-fat, high-carb one.
As a disclaimer, I haven't looked over that whole website. They could be completely whackadoodle for all I know. But that infographic is a nice simple and thorough explanation of what is what. Oh, and we don't eat low-carb. We try to eat a balance diet that includes healthful, whole grains.

I chilled the two quarts and checked the gel, isn't that nice? Meat jell-o. Nom nom.

Sometimes I get so sick of trying to get all of this done in a tiny crowded kitchen. There are so many times when I am forced to take precious quiet time to clean and clear space because there simply isn't enough room for me to do all that I need to.

Today I made crispy chickpeas and broke down and bagged 40lbs of chicken leg quarters in addition to everything else. So many, many dishes.

 That is about all there is to my kitchen.

And that is my living room. I'm practically ready to give up. Sigh.

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